1937 - The beginning

The father of Mr. Van de Laar started his own company at the age of 24-year. On his bicycle, he delivered eggs, chickens and other essentials to farmers in the area and thus laid the foundations for the present-day Larco Foods B.V.

1955 - Grocery store

In 1955 opens the father of Mr. Van de Laar a new grocery store in his hometown Someren, the Netherlands. At that time a large range of items were sold.

1957 - Active from an early age

Aside from the grocery store, family Van de Laar created in the mean time a large trading company in poultry and rabbits. The photo shows how Mr. Van de Laar was active in his father's company at a very young age.

1965 - Own slaughter facilities

The company set up its own chicken and rabbit slaughter facilities for wholesale purposes.

1973 - The first jars of broth

In 1973, a start was made, on a small scale, of cooking chickens and producing broth preserves, thus making the company's 'home-cooked' quality products available to a broader public. This increase in scale led to the first provisional production lines being developed and to an investment in an upright autoclave.

1977 - Larco goes international

The successful sales of broth in the Netherlands led Larco to start exporting to Germany in 1977.

1983 - 1 million jars

The magical production number of 1 million jars of broth was reached in 1983.

1988 - Scaling up

The company moved into the newly built premises at Industrielaan 10, in Someren, resulting in an increase in capacity and greater mechanization and computerization in all parts of the organisation. Larco's aim is to maintain the 'home-cooked' flavour of the old days while using modern techniques.

1996 - HACCP accreditation

The strategy that was chosen resulted in HACCP accreditation. HACCP means 'Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points' and this certificate indicates that the operations carried out at Larco Foods comply with the guidelines of the hygiene code drawn up by Horeca Nederland, the Dutch professional association of companies in the hotel and catering industry. This first official certification underlined Larco Foods' focus on food safety. Further computerization and automation enabled the production capacity to be expanded further. The entire sales volume of the year 1975 can now be produced in just two days.

2008 - Modernised image

The acquisition of an adjacent plot of land enabled further expansion, which had been necessitated by the company's growth in recent years. The new company premises and state of the art facilities enabled even further growth to be achieved. The name was changed to the Larco Foods B.V. and the logo was restyled.

2009 - Expansion of the range

A new product group was introduced: that of various ready-made soups.

Today - Quality first

In keeping with its corporate social responsibility, Larco strives to carefully monitor all developments concerning sustainability. 'Delicious and healthy', lower salt and free from artificial additives have become the new standards. Initiatives such as only processing free-range chickens, which has always been our standard, and reusing residual heat show that CSR features high on Larco's agenda.

We guarantee the very best quality and the highest reliability by combining the traditional method underlying our cooking and preparation processes with modern technologies and expertise.