About Larco

Larco Foods B.V. is an independent company founded in 1937 as a company trading in poultry. Since then, Larco has grown into a modern production company specialised in the traditional preparation and preservation (sterilisation) of food products.

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Product range

Our range includes 'home-cooked' quality stocks, broths, soups, sauces, ragouts and a wide range of meat products, packed in glass, cans or plastic pouches or cups.

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Private Label

Larco Foods is specialised in producing products under Private Label. With a wide range, multiple production lines and several packaging forms in one facility, Larco might be interesting for you as well.

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Larco, specialist in:

Free-range chickens

Larco uses breeding chickens (boilers) for its chicken soup and other products that feature chicken meat. These animals are farmed primarily to continue their species and to produce hatching eggs. For reasons of product safety, these animals do not roam free outside, but they range free inside a chicken house, i.e. 'free-range chickens kept indoors'. These animals live in this sheltered environment until they are 60 to 100 weeks old, after which they are offered for processing. As you will have gathered, the dams we work with are definitely no broilers that are made to grow extra fast so that they will have reached their intended weight when they are only 30 to 40 days old. Our 'free-range chickens kept indoors', combined with our traditional cooking process, are an indispensable element of our authentic, 'home-cooked' end products.