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Gluten free, lactose free or vegetarian is getting more and more populair. In particulair gluten free is getting populair among young adults from 16-34 years old. A short explanation on gluten free, lactose free and vegetarian is given below. Larco has the possibility to inform you on the possibilities.


Gluten free 

The term 'gluten free' is already alowed to be used when the product contains less then 20 mg per kg. For poeple with gluten intolerant it is very important the product does not contain more. Many young adults believe however that the reduction of gluten in our food has a positive effect on our health. During production precautions are beging taken to avoid cross contamination. In addition products can be testen with a laberatorium test for gluten.


Lactose free

Lactose is a sugar which occurs in milk and diary products and is therefore also called milk sugar. People who are lactose intolerant cannot digest lactose and should follow a free-from diet. As with gluten extra precautions measure are taken to be able to produce gluten free.


Vegetarian and vegan

A vegetarian does not eat products from killed animals, so no meat, no fish and no products like gelatin (from skins or bones) and cheese (calf rennet). If besides meat and fish also diary products, eggs and honey are consumed and not animal products like leather and wool are being used then it is called vegan. Vegetarian and vegan are both options we are able to offer.


Other 'free-from' products we can offer:

Gluten, lactose and vegetarian/vegan are just a few which can be marked as 'free-from-products. The following options are also posisble:


  • Free from preservatives
  • Free of dyes
  • Free of flavor enhancers
  • Low salt
  • Low sugar
  • BPAni free packaging



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