Larco is certified to produce organic products. The inspection and regulation is controlled in the Netherlands by the organization Skal. The ability to be able to produce organic products is foiund important. The characteristics durable, honest and pure, would not anly fit 'organic', but also Larco as an organization. Larco ensures, togheter with her careful chosen suppliers for honest and delicious products. 


For the production of organic products we have the quality mark by Skal Biocontrole (only organic inspection body in the Netherlands).
Together with you we can develop products so the consumers can be sure that an organic product really is organic.


Organic Larco Foods

The production of organic products require different approaches than conventional products. Due to the experiences and by keeping ourselves up-to-date of the latest developments in organic, we are able to guide and advise you propperly.


The options we can offer you are versitile, so please feel free to contact us for more information. Phone: +31 493 493535 or


What we have to offer: