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All products are offered both under the Larco brand and private labels, both domestically and internationally. You can find our five main product groups below. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities for developing your own product/recipe.


Soup is a liquid food prepared by boiling ingredients, such as meat and/or vegetables. Soup was eaten as far back as prehistoric times, which makes it one of the oldest dishes ever.

Broth is often used as the basis for preparing soup. Other ingredients are added to this broth, such as vegetables, meat and spices to create a delicious, simple ready-made soup.

A selection of soups and packaging options from our range is shown below. We will be pleased to tell you more about our other soup varieties and packaging options. It is of course possible to develop your own ideas and recipes, and we will be happy to expand on them with you. 

Chicken soup800 ml

Chicken soup prepared according to traditional methods, made from chicken broth to give it its traditional chicken flavour.

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Vegetable soup800 ml

A delicious vegetable soup with the highest quality meatballs for soup, crammed full of different vegetables.

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Tomato soup800 ml

This soup is prepared with the best quality tomatoes, which form the basis for this delicious tomato soup.

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Mushroom soup800 ml

Creamy mushroom soup, enriched with the best quality mushrooms.

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Goulash soup800 ml

This goulash soup is crammed full of delicious ingredients which also makes it extremely suitable to be eaten as a main course.

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Pea soup800 ml

Our Dutch pea soup with smoked sausage is prepared with the best ingredients to give it its traditional flavour.

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Different packaging and flavours possible

Ask us for the different packaging options and flavours.

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