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All products are offered both under the Larco brand and private labels, both domestically and internationally. You can find our five main product groups below. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities for developing your own product/recipe.

What is broth?

Broth is the result of a method of preparation that adds flavour, aroma and nutrients to water by infusing it with meat, vegetables or other ingredients. Broth is in fact an extract: by infusing the components their flavours and aromas are dissolved in the water. This makes broth very fragrant and flavoursome, even though water is its main component. Broth is used as the basis for preparing soups, sauces, ragouts and many other dishes.

Chicken broth340 ml

Broth made in an authentic way, with freshly cooked chicken, in its own cooking liquid and fat, enriched with herbs and spices according to a traditional recipe.

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Beef broth340 ml

Broth made with high-quality ingredients, such as first class beef with special herbs and spices, to give it a unique quality.

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Different packaging and flavours possible

Broth is mostly sold in glass jars or bottles, or in doy packs. Ask us for the different packaging options and flavours.

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