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All products are offered both under the Larco brand and private labels, both domestically and internationally. You can find our five main product groups below. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities for developing your own product/recipe.

Preserved meat items

Preserved meat comprises meat products in a liquid sauce available in consumer packaging. Just as all our other product groups, all the products in this category have been sterilized (preserved), which means they will keep for a long time. Our range of preserved meat is very extensive; here is a selection.

Chicken curry825 g

Our chicken curry is a tasty ready-made product made from the best ingredients. Serve with rice, prawn crackers or bread to turn it into a complete meal.

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Babi pangang825 g

Our babi pangang (Indonesian grilled pork) is a delicious ready-made meal made from the best ingredients. If you like, you can combine it with rice, prawn crackers or sweet and sour pickled vegetables.

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Braising steak in gravy825 g

These slices of braising steak in gravy are made from high quality beef; delicious with potatoes and vegetables or with bread.

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Braised pork in gravy825 g

These slices of braised pork in gravy, made from the best pork, are ideal as a main meal and only need to be heated through.

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Meatballs in peanut sauce825 g

Our meatballs in a tasty peanut sauce combine wonderfully with rice and bread to make a lovely, easy meal.

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Meatballs in tomato sauce825 g

This ready-made product is prepared from the highest quality ingredients. These meatballs with tomato sauce are delicious with spaghetti, rice, fries or with bread.

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Meatballs in gravy825 g

Meatballs made from pure beef in homemade, tasty gravy, are ideal as part of a main meal for the whole family.

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Beef goulash825 g

This slightly spicy, ready-made goulash made from pure beef goes best with rice, but can also be served with bread or fries.

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Stew825 g

This traditionally prepared stew from best quality beef is ready-made and combines excellently with rice, fries, mashed potato, hotchpotch or bread.

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Different packaging and flavours possible

Ask us for the different packaging options and flavours.

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