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All products are offered both under the Larco brand and private labels, both domestically and internationally. You can find our five main product groups below. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities for developing your own product/recipe.

What is ragout?

Ragout is a dish comprising meat in a sauce. The word 'ragout' comes from the French word 'ragoûter' and means ‘to improve the flavour’. The sauce (the roux) is a mixture of heated fat (butter) and flour. The butter is melted without letting it turn brown, then the flour is added and the mixture is cooked for a short time. After that, broth, cream or milk is added and heated until the substance thickens. The meat (beef, chicken, veal, etc.) and often mushrooms are added last. There are numerous varieties of ragout. Perhaps the most well-known is ragout made from beef which is used as the filling for meat croquettes.

Duck ragout400 g

A special ragout with duck, orange and mango giving you something out of the ordinary to serve.

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Creamy chicken ragout500 g

Creamy chicken ragout with the best ingredients and an authentic flavour. Convenient to eat with bread for lunch or as a starter.

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Game ragout400 g

A special ragout made from venison with wild mushrooms and rosemary: a treat for a special meal.

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Different packaging and flavours possible

Ragout is mostly sold in tins or glass jars. Ask us for the different packaging options and flavours.

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Chicken ragout800 ml

A delicious chicken ragout containing lots of chicken; ideal for filling a vol-au-vent.

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